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Hi there ⏤
My name is Joep.
I help artists grow their fanbase and revenue.

Music is beautiful. It brings good times, connects people, makes us feel alive. Things we desperately need in this individual day and age.

If music is important to so many of us, shouldn't we compensate the makers for the value they provide?

Roadie ⏤

Marketing tools for artists

Roadie is an online tool which assists artists in their music career. It gives their fans a 'home' to return to (Easy to update Website), increases engagement of their audiences (via Fan Campaigns), helps to make money (Merchandise Store) and gives them advice on how to market their music (Release Plans & Where to Tour).

Roadie helps to make the right career decisions. So artists can focus on making music.

Curated ⏤

Boutique concerts in unique venues

Curated is a music platform and boutique concert promoter based in the Netherlands. We host intimate shows in unique venues attended by very attentive audiences.

Over the years we had the pleasure to work with emerging artists like Kawala, To Kill A King, Mosa Wild, Ziggy Alberts, Nathan Ball and many great others.

For an impression of the shows, check out Curated's YouTube channel.

Adam Barnes ⏤

Artist management

Oxford born singer-songwriter Adam Barnes is a humble human being and creator of beautifully touching songs.

Adam loves to perform and has build loyal fanbases across the UK, mainland Europe and the US this way. He headlined shows in some of Europe's most beautiful venues (e.g. Paradiso, St. Pancras Old Church, St. Setphen's Church) and had the pleasure to share stages with artists like Donovan Woods, Ciaran Lavery, William Fitzsimmons, Courtney Marie Andrews and Matt Simons.

With over 10 million Spotify streams and 20.000 followers amongst his socials to date, Adam is well on his way to become a well respected songwriter in the UK and European independent music scene.

For work enquiries please ⏤ mail

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